Hi, I'm Ash. I'm an IT Professional with a passion for information security, data science and customer experience technology.

My professional life sees me mixing product management, solution design, technical architecture, sales, marketing, public speaking, data analysis, troubleshooting and (very) occasionally getting my hands dirty with a bit of code. Whilst Infosec and PCI-DSS compliance are key aspects of my work I've created PrivateKey.dev to allow me to further explore security technology, data privacy issues and cryptography.

It's not all about me though...

I'm a huge believer in the power of the internet and the value created by people sharing what they've learned. So much of the knowledge I've built a career on has come from being inspired by, or using code and content shared by others. Whilst not everything I post will be ground-breaking or unique I hope to at least add to the conversation and perhaps help to explain complex technology in new ways.

That leaves me with three core goals....

Experiment with emerging technologies and share my findings.

Stimulate discussion on topical issues relating to security, data privacy and cryptography.

Promote like-minded bloggers and shout about great organisations, projects, products and services.

So, thanks for joining me and if you'd like to get involved feel free to get in touch.