Hackers on a Plane

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month every Saturday I'll be sharing links to videos, presentations, etc. that show interesting, surprising and entertaining content.

Today's theme is aviation security. At the recent DEF CON Safe Mode conference there was an 'Aerospace Village' where hackers explored and exploited a range of aviation technology. Unless you're in the business it's not likely any of us would get to poke around in the avionics bay of a 747. Well, the folks from Pentest Partners did exactly that, and they presented the results at DEF CON 28...

Taking a deeper dive into the aircraft systems, it turns out that you can pick up old aviation components from auction sites...

But inside the aircraft isn't the only route via which attackers could attempt to affect the flight...

If all that sounds scary then here's an encouraging look at how pilots would handle attacks on their aircraft whilst flying:

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